• Blake King, Atlanta Marketing Specialist, Gets the Job Done

  • Posted on October 18, 2018
  • Blake King Atlanta

    It is perhaps the key to his approach to everything in the life of Blake King, Atlanta marketing specialist, but he has always believed strongly that it is impossible to overstate the importance of giving back to the community. He focuses on that because he believes Atlanta has provided him with the tools he needed to be a success. He feels there is much to be grateful for, so he operates from the perspective that has he an obligation to do more than sell people things, which is his career.

    The career of Blake King, Atlanta marketing guru, began in earnest back in 2009, after he graduated from the University of Georgia at a time when the job market was at its most difficult, after the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression. After a long job search, he finally found an opportunity in the financial services industry, where his passion for helping people really showed. That initial position was to assist individuals in reducing the size of payments on money they owed, which he found himself very capable at doing.

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