• Blake King - Atlanta’s Transnexus

  • Posted on July 15, 2018
  • Blake King Atlanta

    What instills passion in a person says a lot about the type of person they will become. It gives them roots to the decisions they make. Many people say that hard work teaches gratefulness and this can often be found to be true. The idea of helping people has been one that has fueled Atlanta resident Blake King in all his life endeavors. It inspired him to always work hard.

    He developed his work ethic while doing door to door cold sales in Coldwater, Michigan. He was selling educational books that helped jumpstart children’s education. Door to door work is grueling and requires an immense amount of determination and persistence especially when the calls are cold. People can be downright rude and therefore, to succeed in this kind of field, one needs to be able to keep going even after a door is slammed. Working in sales at The Southwestern Co. taught him the value of discipline, integrity, and persistence and he carries these skills into his current job as channel marketing manager at Transnexus in Atlanta, GA.

    Blake King gets to help people daily and this gives him great pride in the work he does. He still remembers those difficult times of door to door work and this inspires him to keep working hard knowing that it always pays off and often gives him the opportunity to help someone in need.

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